Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Back to Life

I won't start about the Algeria issue, the only thing i liked about that country was their music (some of it). Otherwise, they could all go to hell for all I care. Egypt has been hurt and broken, and it's making all the cities look sad. I can feel it in the air in Cairo and in Alexandria.
Three things to make us feel better:
1- Public apology by the Algerian Government.
2- Bye Bye Algerian Ambassador in Egypt.
3- Banning all sorts of activities with Algeria for at least 2 years.

No violence needed, just sane, "humanly"  actions. And I think that's the least that Egypt deserves. In the end, that is just my opinion.

I went out with my Alexandrian friends today, it was so much fun, fun that i hadn't had for a while.
We went to the movies, watched "The Surrogates", it was a good movie, but i think Bruce Willis is that same character in Die Hard in all of his movies.
After movies we had a seafood massacre dinner at my favourite seafood restaurant in town called "A'arous El Bahr" or "Mermaid" in English. Aaaah it's 6 hours later now and i'm still full! Dehydrated... but full!

Then we went to a coffee shop to play cards.

So much fun and laughter, I had missed that for a while.
Life took me away, responsibilities, maintaining stability and ensuring a stable future, work and University.
It was just simply lively and lovely being around my favourite people and enjoying a good time in their company.

We were debating an issue while having dinner, a friend said : "A woman would marry a guy who doesn't have a stable future or isn't rich or can at least maintain HER lifestyle ONLY if she loves him. A woman would also marry a guy who is rich and can buy her everything she wants if she doesn't love him and/or neglect his faults for his money"

what do you think?

Today's song
Ray Charles - Yesterday

Monday, November 16, 2009

I wrote this 2 years ago...and i like it

It's times like these when you realize where you stand, times when you figure out that, somehow, you're different, weird maybe, compared to the people surrounding you. Why do you feel so out of space and ahead of time, when you know that it's just that time passed by you leaving you back here with them, trying hopelessly to fit in.......and smile?

Smile....such an old verb it seems, do you remember the last time you uttered a sincere smile? I bet you don't even remember who or what caused that smile.... or maybe you do, it doesn't matter either way.

Do you even care about what they think of you? Ironic questions that can be answered only by sarcastic visions of what might have been. Relax, don't dwell. Time is only teasing you, playing a cheap game of hide and seek where you are the one hiding subconsciously and unintentionally, and time seeks after you but only when it feels like it..... it just enjoys that expressionless look on your face.

You think of joy yet now your greatest joy is a cigarette and the voice of Astrud Gilberto singing some fine tunes of jazz music playing in the background while you reminisce and reflect. Back then, your greatest joy varied according to time and place, and you had the ability to take control over your joy, know when and how to truly laugh and when and how not to. Laugh?? Yes, i see now before my eyes the laugh that was merely the cause of other people's laughter, now it got shortened down into a fake giggle.

Then you come to realize that it's not them nor is it time that caused your sorrow, well, actually time played a major role in your sorrow because it took away the good times, when you used to belong, and left. Way ahead of you. But come to think of it, you also grew, mind body and soul; you got caught back where you really don't fit much, you let time pass you by while you took care of the worthless....and u were left blank.

So, maybe it's mainly your fault that you can't smile anymore.....or maybe it's just another irritating daydream.......... I should get back to my coffee...cheers!

Today's song is a song that makes me smile:

Friday, November 06, 2009

I won't

I'm left with no options. It's like starting all over again, only this time I'm only allowed to sit back and observe, I have no right to comment, to object, to be against something, even if I'm right nothing I say or do will change a thing. So I give in, I sit back, I relax and breathe, listen to music in my head. And shut up.

I won't complain
I won't express my anger, disappointment or any excessive feeling.
I won't give advice unless asked to, and when I do, I won't discuss my advice, because it won't make a difference anyway.
I won't dwell, I won't love too much, nor hate too much.
I won't show any signs of my yearning, my longing for anything.
I won't show any expressions on my face.

I will keep smiling.

and I will, I WILL ALWAYS keep up the music. It's all I have, it's my savior, my shelter.

Today's Song:

Monday, November 02, 2009

I rant!

I like to believe that i exist in more than one dimension.
I think about everything, altogether, all at once, it confuses me.
It's who I am.
I like to write in this form, fragmented sentences, it makes me feel organized.
I'm a clean/tidy freak.
I'm a freak.

It has been raining all day today in Alexandria, I feel in peace.
Rain is beauty, beauty is a word that shouldn't be defined, it's a state of mind.
I smoke a lot these days, i don't like that, too much stress.
I try to be perfect, I'm a lousy perfectionist.
I miss a lot of things that don't happen anymore, because life is a bitch.
And yet life goes on.
I want to go away. But I love this place.
Egypt is like a chronic disease, it doesn't go away, it stays till you love getting used to it.
I want to be 20 again, and embrace it.
Love is underestimated, I think.
I believe in Allah.
I believe in myself.
I believe in you.
I am always going to be a musician, even if I don't practice music.
I believe in music, it's a more powerful language than any language.

Tomorrow is a new day, I hope the rain stays, and the evil goes to sleep.

Rain is a larger form of love. Love between the sky and the land.

Today's Song:
Astrud Gilberto - Gentle Rain