Thursday, July 19, 2012


نلف ندور واحد اتنين
هنا و هناك عالم واتنين
مش حكاية ولّا رواية ولّا اتنين
يمكن ذكرى لزوم السنين

أول رؤاكي ف مكان معيّن
أول احساس أحسه بشكل معين
مغامرة جديدة و شد معيّن 
خلّاني أروح وآجي و أبيّن

رغم الاتفاق مش متفقين
بس السعادة مالياني
بسأل نفسي هو انت مين؟؟

دانا من نفس المشكلة بعاني

مش مهم انك هنا أيام معدودة
ولا ان معظم الطرق لقلبك مسدودة
المهم انّي دلوقتي موجود... وانت موجودة
و بكرة دايما هاييجي تاني

حواليكي ألغاز كتيرة عجيبة

وهي دي حلاوة الموضوع
بس ماهو انت بقيتي لي حبيبة
حتى لو الحكاية ف كام اسبوع

مش احنا اصلا متّفقين
انّي أعرفك من زمان؟
اعذريني لو ساعات بكون غشيم
عشان أصل أنا برضه انسان


Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't care

I know it won't last
but i don't care
it might be going fast
but i don't care
You may be a little cold
but i don't care
maybe i'm just old
but i don't care

we can go at your pace
if for you that's better
there's just no other place
i'd rather be right now
let me in, please, would you?
for time is not on our side
but that's the fun of it
Let me take you places
show you faces
let me let you in
come closer, before it all ends
and then wishing things were different
will be too late

don't you think?

I miss you, what have you done to me?


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Does it have to be this way?

Sometimes i feel like i get it
sometimes i don't
and when i don't get it
it sucks

because here we are
making love like there's no tomorrow
too intense
to the extent that our heartbeats can be heard
from the room next door
and then you disappear

i've said things
at first
you said things too
but then suddenly you pulled the brakes
i can understand why
but i feel there's a truth behind the truth
something i wish to hear from you
that you already want to say
but you aren't saying because it's not time
or maybe the feeling is not mature
and you just want to make sure
but excuse me if i come to strong
because to me, this is the extreme opposite of wrong

i don't know what it is that i feel
it's nothing my mind can comprehend
it's too cheesy to be true
even more
it's like all my life i have been looking for something
something too impossible
and then i had lost hope
i became lonely
but only i can feel the loneliness
because i never let it out
i hate looking weak
Then you come along
and half an hour later my whole world turned around
but you don't feel it i know
you weren't there back then
you know me now

i'm an open book for you
read me over and over
and over again
and every time you read me
i'll rewrite the pages for you
just so that i become eternal
but i beg you

don't tear me apart
for it will tear my heart, again

This is for you, the things i won't be able to say
in fear of pushing you away
Well. You're going away anyway. Because everything happens for a reason


Thursday, June 07, 2012

I like it

I remembered you as i took a sip.
The drink was too strong.
Like the taste of your lower lip.
But i liked it.

I've been intoxicated for so long
away from reality
away from all the memories
from dwelling
the hopeless romantic that i am
is just too demanding
it's hard you know
going through every day
you are pretentious
and you like it

Everyone's been saying things
doing things
the people are not the same anymore
some are better
most are worse
and some just faded
like you
but they like it



Thursday, March 22, 2012

An old piece i came across, worth posting

In which I want to live
A place filled with colours
Simple pleasures
Coffee and Chai
You and I
Somewhere familiar

In which things collide
Uttering alternating frequencies
Like the sound of the sun
Touching silent seas
Did your hear that sound?