Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Misplaced Relapse

Well it started off years ago.
In a class of helpless kids
No worries, years to long for, and fewer sins
but there was nothing then.
but occasional conversatin'
And it started off years later, again
With a phone call asking her how to cook pasta.
The pasta turned out delicious
Never realized what would come after
Everlasting hours of speech
Words never ended

I also found out she could teach
Lessons i later realized, I've never attended
Things rendered
A friendship she suddenly turned away from
and surrendered.
Days and years, they part away mountains

Come to think of it
You can't mount in two systems of the same species
They collide
they subside
and finally they hide.

Lust and sickness, led the relapse.
A revenge that was misplaced.
Never cared if worlds collapsed
Along came the guiltless face
In shear coldness.

Because I suck like that.


Saturday, July 02, 2011


I have been afraid,
Afraid to write because i had a feeling that my writing would not be enough,
Enough to purge every single feeling,
Feelings is what i write,
Right when i thought things couldn't get better,
Bitter things happen,

But then I remember where i was
And where i am now,
I am on a roll, going somewhere.
Where is that? I don't know.
But i'm curious.
So I'll go, i think, no, i know
Towards that sign, that says Backstage -->

And as i come closer, cheers become louder.
We gather up, say our prayers, like brothers
Lights are on, we're on a roll.
It's the only feeling more ecstatic than multiple orgasms
when thousands sing along to your song.
in harmony, louder than them speaker towers.

So i float.