Monday, January 24, 2011

Things He Couldn't Say

And she wonders where the complication comes from
She probably asks herself so many questions
Why he doesn't sleep at night
Why he worries like a baby left alone
Why he snaps like a thin wooden rod splitting into two
Why little things turn him into the opposite of the cold person that he is
And yet.... she falls asleep.

He lies in his bed... under the warmth of his covers.
He can't get no sleep.... he thinks... his mind unstoppable.
Like a roller coaster in his head, thoughts going round and round, up and down, twisting and twirling sideways.

He is scared.
of Everything.
He can't get no sleep, early responsibility shaped the man that he is today. Too early though, he can't get no sleep.
He worries... He hates being alone, he can't get no sleep.
He snaps, the accumulation of unwanted memories and visions of a life he once led, of being taken for granted and hitting rock bottom.
He becomes uneasy, he becomes itchy, he needs to sleep, he can't get no sleep.
And yet.... he needs to focus, to get through with another day.

And he hopes that when she wakes up, things would be clearer, better, and that he would get some sleep.

Joel and Clementine - Remember Me

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Educate or not to educate?

All the activism, leftism, patriotism, burning self(ism) and Tunism aside, I would like to tackle an issue from a certain angle, the issue of weather or not a revolution can arise in Egypt.

I say no. Why?

Because as far as I know, It’s the educated middle class sector of the society who are actually able to think of, plan and organize a revolution. But, also as far as I know, around 54% of the egyptian population is below “poverty line” or whatever  they call it. Which means more than half of the population, which means that the middle class is less than half of the population (obviously). Hence, in order to organize a ligit revolution, a huge number of the people under poverty line need to be educated in a way that sets their minds towards that (i.e. some sort of manipulative brain washing); and the only ones who would educate them are the so called activists of the middle class (i.e. organizing committee) of the revolution.
And the possibility of this I highly doubt.

I’m not being a pessimist… again, I’m a realist.

والله ولي التوفيق


Monday, January 10, 2011

She leaves me in awe

Like green crystals shining smiles to the sun
Like madness embraced in a simple kind of peace
Her eyes deliver warmth to my soul like no one
And she leaves me in awe

Reckless as i was, a man of my own
I'm suddenly in a world
Where hope rises with every dawn
And she leaves me in awe

She lifted what's left of my goodness
Put everything back, properly, correctly
And made it seem so damn effortless
And she leaves me in awe

As cliché as it may seem
But no words can describe
Such happiness as if from a dream
How she leaves me in awe

Every time she looks me in the eye
And every time we hold hands
And the one time I saw her cry
Before she left to another land
And every time she speaks
I fall into a deep well of music
Music that's favourite to my ears
Even when she does nothing

Still.... she leaves me in awe

Yiruma - River Flows in You

Friday, January 07, 2011

Dear Land

On a cold winter night

People Died

People suffered

Women Cried

And men too

Foolish and naive

Life thieves

A city wounded

A country wounded

A nation wounded

But i still love you

and always will

Kurt Elling - My Foolish Heart