Tuesday, February 23, 2010


that I'm just another passerby
that the streets are empty, brightly illuminated and smooth
that you are able to do whatever it is that you please
that she isn't depressed, hence her smile is real
that both of them live in a bubble, and they like it
that they are just happy the way they are
that he is lost, and she is his salvation
that he makes jokes to hide something within
that she is too good for him, and he is weird
that you are waiting for me on a road i'm never going through

make believe what you pretend

Al Jarreau - Take 5

Friday, February 12, 2010

That Mask

So you get up on that stage and you think the world's going to change?

You try to sing some tunes and jump around in fake joy thinking "What the hell? they're just puppets and I'm in control!"

What if each and every one of those puppets is experiencing that same fake joy?
What if the music you play is their temporary painkiller?
How would that make you feel?

You put on that mask, and go on for the rest of the night....
"But I don't want that mask to grow into me"
So what if it does?
"I will then be someone else, not me"
"I don't know......."

I don't know....

Third Eye Blind - Jumper

Thursday, February 11, 2010


....and then you turn away, and everything becomes fine. You look at me differently and still I'm fine. Because I'm no longer that sorry excuse of a human being. Neither here nor there.

I'm myself from another point of view, a distorted point of view.
But should I care?

My mic smells like your breath, even though you've stopped singing our song. I have a new song of my own now, I sing it alone, and i still smile..... by myself.

I drive for hours, It drives me insane. I look at the people around me and I'm surprised they are still able to function normally. But they do, and I smile.

Can you recall the joy? the shear joy?
It's all I can think of. And it's painful.
Forget what I say.... I'm just a storyteller.

If I ask you to sing me a song for a change, what would it be?

Michael Buble - Home

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Random Post with no specific point

I've been away

exams, things.....

Lack of words, maybe?

Sometimes I feel like a little boy, I want to grasp every opportunity of fun and enjoyment that comes my way. Some people don't understand that.
Sometimes I disengage, in my own head, silence, and think of things that might make my life a bit different than what it is at the moment. Good different? Bad different? I don't know, just different.

I think I can handle anything, stress, pain, fuck-ups, extreme joy, excess passion, you name it. Because quite frankly, I'm not waiting for results anymore, I make my own results.

The past few weeks have been fruitful, Egypt winning the African cup again (3rd time in a row, 7th time in total), and it kind of makes me proud.
The feeling of success is amazing, it cannot be put into words.

Also, Salalem, my band, is going through a transitional "growing" phase at the moment and it looks promising, I'm psyched about what lies next.
And I have discovered that I have friends who, undoubtedly, make my days happier. It's a different kind of love.

I have one year left to become an Engineer, and quite frankly, i still don't know what I want to do next. I mean the outline is there, just not the content. It's scary, but challenges have always been one of my hobbies.

Now I'm on vacation for 3 weeks, I want to go back where the world stops. And I want to get on as many stages as I can, and perform. I want to see my parents and I want to be as productive as can be.

Join me.

Today's song is a song that describes me:
Metallica - Turn The Page