Monday, June 28, 2010

Here is Home....... Home

I'm here.
I've always been here.
Somehow you were too blinded to see that.
I'm close. Watching. Protecting you.
I'm so close that i can still smell the sweet scent of your skin.
It bewilders me.

It's all I ever wanted to do.
It's where I've always wanted to be. Right there for you.
To hold you.
To listen to you. Unconditionally.
Even when you have nothing to say.
Your breath alone sets my soul at ease.

I am lonely.
For I have lost my home.
A choice that wasn't my own.
All I ever needed was for my home to embrace me with love.
It's all I ever needed.
Sometimes I'm just fine.
Right now? I don't know.

I am reaching my arms out for you. Right here. Right now. Through words. Through the place that was inspired by you and only you. To hold you. For you. For as long as your body can handle. To take you in. Selflessly. Back home.

Michael Buble - Home

Sunday, June 27, 2010


If you listen closely, you will realize that your soul is actually speaking to you all the time. It has a voice, it's different than yours, you can't describe it, but you know it. You just know how your soul sounds like.

My soul sounds like a grumpier version of me. It's my best friend.

It usually speaks to me about irrelevant things. I enjoy its company sometimes. And sometimes i just want to kill it.

There's a happiness and sadness meter built in our bodies. Mine are adjusted in the middle, balanced, both of them. Like a sound wave that's flat.
I don't know if i'm going to do anything about it. I'm too tired to worry. I feel as if i've been running for so long and i just want to rest.

I just want to rest. Stop thinking. Relax


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I get on that stage again. And just like every time, i feel power. The power to impact, influence and make you look, stare, and wonder what might be going on in my head.

you ask yourself, "Is he actually that energetic? Is he that happy? why doesn't he have any expressions on his face?"

Yes, my face is expressionless, and that is a bliss, it gives me power. For i know that no one can pass beyond my surface.....

but the ones i choose.


Monday, June 21, 2010

luck and intelligence

luck is overrated

lucky people succeed momentarily, things come their way, and quite naturally, they make use of things that come their way.

intelligent people predict a good chance, subconsciously get ready, and when the time is right, they grasp every chance and make things happen for them.

who do you think wins in the end?

Aqualung - Falling out of Love

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Moving on

Here I am, miles away. Smoke, tea and my guitar on my lap. Memories.

She lies in bed next to me, breathing peacefully. Her eyes tremble as if she's having disturbing thoughts.
She wakes up and i pretend i wasn't looking at her, "Good morning!" she says with a smile, the smile that captured me when we first met.

I smile and say, "you should leave now, before it becomes too late"

Michael Jackson - Who is it?