Monday, December 05, 2011


I'm a sucker for silence
The best groove in music comes from silence
Spiritual healing comes from silence
The funniest jokes come right after silence
The most intimate moments happen in silence
My best bud knows what's in my head even in silence
The greatest ideas pop up in silence
Wise words come just after a long silence

I'm more comfortable when it's silent
I enjoy staying at home when it's silent
I'd rather others speak and I stay silent
I find my peace of mind when i'm silent
I cherish moments in music that are silent
I wish there was a button in life entitled "silent"
There are those special conversations that are silent
The best break-ups are silent

My feelings for you will remain silent.


Saturday, December 03, 2011

From where I am

I hesitated many times for I feel uninspired, again.
My mind is like a twirling machine. Ideas, thoughts, things i should be doing and am not, and things i'm doing that i shouldn't be. Voices. Oh yeah they're back, after almost 4 years of silence. They're back again. But this time i let them speak till they're done with what they want to say. And then i purge it all while i sleep.

I wish i could say things to some specific people that would change everything between them and I. But I choose not to. Because I have no energy for drama.

Sometimes I enjoy going somewhere where there's many people, a club for example, and just stand there in the middle of the crowd. And observe.
It's amusing, the amount of well educated and highly ranked citizens of the country who would just be longing for the weekend to hit the club and make total fools out of themselves just to attract the other gender. Doesn't have to be the actual action of "hooking up" but I've also realized that men and women both feel good when they're wearing or looking top notch and get recognized and stared at in a hormonal manner by the other.

I love my job as a musician. But the dream is beginning to fade away. Doesn't mean i'm giving up on it yet.

I'm excited about going to Germany in February.

My beloved Egypt is sick. I wish she gets well soon. I miss her.

Sometimes I miss being in love.

One thing I've learned though. Trust comes first.

I'm almost fully captivated by her, I wish she would notice how beautiful she is in my eyes. But then again, she shouldn't.

I'm going back to bed.