Friday, December 31, 2010

Guardian Angel

In Reality
you are fictional
and in fiction
you could be as close to perfection as can be
for when we are united, an equilibrium is generated
one which cannot be reasoned
the only reason for which could be righteousness
for because of you
I am a good man
and because of you
I am the happiest i´ve been
in ages
and why am I not surprised?
for your name alone means joyfulness
And it´s precisely what you´ve brought into my life

You are the perfect ending to a rather unusual year
and the perfect beginning of a new year
a new life
and everything else that I am looking forward to

and like he said
You are my guardian angel.
And I believe you are.

You are missed, greatly :)

Dave Matthews Band - Dive In

Friday, December 24, 2010

She Walked in on Friday the 29th

Music is what I hear when you speak
You smile and extraordinary things happen
A look that makes my heartbeat sqeak
In perfect harmony, we rise

Sometimes silence is more meaningful than words
You are a living proof, of everything that.s right
Like discrete third notes and chirping of birds
You create music of the sunrise

A new kind of hope
A subliminal feeling
You pumped life in to me
With a little bit of everything

Just like a message unsigned
Just like an arranged coincidence
Just like the me I couldn't find
You walked in on Friday the 29th
As if, for you, suddenly the world inclined

Come to think of it, this hasn't happened to me before
Here's a first time with you, for you
Here's to first times
Here's to me............... and you

Dave Matthews Band - You And Me

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first 2 Published articles

Just as things begin to get better, I finally become a freelance writer for 2 magazines in Egypt. And the following articles are my debut published articles. And I've decided to post them here just for the sake of slam-shutting an open door that has been pulling me backwards. I owe this to my best friend Wessam.


The article above was published in December 2010's issue of Campus Magazine

The above article was published in December 2010's issue of What Women Want Magazine

Enjoy :)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just a thought

If I throw myself into your arms

would you capture me?

or would you let me go?

Just like the others......

Embrace - Gravity

Monday, December 06, 2010

Like Magic

It's like magic
You know when the sea meets the sky somewhere in the horizon?
It's like it's meant to happen, something human power has nothing to do with.
It's like the only good day in a series of 365 consecutive bad days.
It's like a glimpse of light after being in the dark for as long as you can't remember.

It's like a smile in a crowd that knows nothing but haphazard movements along with drums n bass.
It's like the only thing you notice when you're just too busy to notice anything.
It's like finding one right path in the middle of many wrong ones.
It's like effortlessly finding reason, and rhyme.
It's like inspiration out of nowhere.

It's like I can finally speak, in loud noise, and be the clearest.
It's like a song that has been forgotten for so long, and once heard, moves every organ in your body.
It's like I can look at her and feel liberated, yes, it's like freedom.

It's like life all over again.

Robbie Williams - She's The One