Monday, December 05, 2011


I'm a sucker for silence
The best groove in music comes from silence
Spiritual healing comes from silence
The funniest jokes come right after silence
The most intimate moments happen in silence
My best bud knows what's in my head even in silence
The greatest ideas pop up in silence
Wise words come just after a long silence

I'm more comfortable when it's silent
I enjoy staying at home when it's silent
I'd rather others speak and I stay silent
I find my peace of mind when i'm silent
I cherish moments in music that are silent
I wish there was a button in life entitled "silent"
There are those special conversations that are silent
The best break-ups are silent

My feelings for you will remain silent.


Saturday, December 03, 2011

From where I am

I hesitated many times for I feel uninspired, again.
My mind is like a twirling machine. Ideas, thoughts, things i should be doing and am not, and things i'm doing that i shouldn't be. Voices. Oh yeah they're back, after almost 4 years of silence. They're back again. But this time i let them speak till they're done with what they want to say. And then i purge it all while i sleep.

I wish i could say things to some specific people that would change everything between them and I. But I choose not to. Because I have no energy for drama.

Sometimes I enjoy going somewhere where there's many people, a club for example, and just stand there in the middle of the crowd. And observe.
It's amusing, the amount of well educated and highly ranked citizens of the country who would just be longing for the weekend to hit the club and make total fools out of themselves just to attract the other gender. Doesn't have to be the actual action of "hooking up" but I've also realized that men and women both feel good when they're wearing or looking top notch and get recognized and stared at in a hormonal manner by the other.

I love my job as a musician. But the dream is beginning to fade away. Doesn't mean i'm giving up on it yet.

I'm excited about going to Germany in February.

My beloved Egypt is sick. I wish she gets well soon. I miss her.

Sometimes I miss being in love.

One thing I've learned though. Trust comes first.

I'm almost fully captivated by her, I wish she would notice how beautiful she is in my eyes. But then again, she shouldn't.

I'm going back to bed.


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Inter.Cultural Cooperation: Marseille - September 2011 - Phase 1

Inter.Cultural Cooperation: Marseille - September 2011 - Phase 1: 17 y oung artists from France, Germany and Egypt met one week in September 2011 in Marseille. During this first week, participants cr...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Everything Happens For a Reason

My relationship with this blog has been alternating over the past year and a half almost. It's probably because the reason I started blogging is the same reason why I sometimes feel like killing people. But then again, I AM a singer/songwriter, it's my full-time job, so I shall keep writing.

I don't always write music, I write bullshit as well, I write articles for fun, and I write here. And whatever I write here is either inspired by my life, or inspired by other people's lives.

It's amazing when a person can feel success, especially success in the one thing that person is living for. I am feeling it, and it is ecstatic!
Over the past 2-3 years my life has been taking dramatic turns, and because my number one belief is that "everything happens for a reason" I am seeing all the reasons fall into place like a brick wall in my face.

I'm grateful for everything. My band Salalem's debut album is hopefully going to be released on the 24th of this month in a concert I have been waiting for all my life.
Being Salalem's lead singer and front man is something that I enjoy doing, as stressful and tiring as it is, because this band has given me almost everything that I possess now in music. Salalem's music may not be my favorite music, but i took part in producing it, and in the end, because it is a BAND, the output becomes the outcome of different influences. I love the band and I will keep doing what I do until there's nothing more to do.

Also, I am slowly starting my own band, the reason why, as a 12-year old boy, i used to switch on my cassette player, with bon jovi as loud as fuck and hold my tennis racket as if it's a guitar and make-believe i'm on stage in front of a mirror. I have finished and recorded 2 songs so far and the third one is on the way, and as soon as i'm done with a set list full of my own songs, a band will be formed to take this little baby into the light and on the stage.

"Only the artist, or the free scholar, carries his happiness within him" - Beethoven

It's beautiful. I have never thought something in life could be this fulfilling. The feeling I get every  time i go on stage and back down again, and everything in between is something that could be equally compared with multiple orgasms.

You may think i'm exaggerating, but well yeah, i don't care.

This is to remind you and me of who i am and who i will be.

Same person, only on a different level................................


"It is the best of all trades, to make songs, and the second best to sing them" - [Joseph] Hilaire [Pierre] Belloc


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Misplaced Relapse

Well it started off years ago.
In a class of helpless kids
No worries, years to long for, and fewer sins
but there was nothing then.
but occasional conversatin'
And it started off years later, again
With a phone call asking her how to cook pasta.
The pasta turned out delicious
Never realized what would come after
Everlasting hours of speech
Words never ended

I also found out she could teach
Lessons i later realized, I've never attended
Things rendered
A friendship she suddenly turned away from
and surrendered.
Days and years, they part away mountains

Come to think of it
You can't mount in two systems of the same species
They collide
they subside
and finally they hide.

Lust and sickness, led the relapse.
A revenge that was misplaced.
Never cared if worlds collapsed
Along came the guiltless face
In shear coldness.

Because I suck like that.


Saturday, July 02, 2011


I have been afraid,
Afraid to write because i had a feeling that my writing would not be enough,
Enough to purge every single feeling,
Feelings is what i write,
Right when i thought things couldn't get better,
Bitter things happen,

But then I remember where i was
And where i am now,
I am on a roll, going somewhere.
Where is that? I don't know.
But i'm curious.
So I'll go, i think, no, i know
Towards that sign, that says Backstage -->

And as i come closer, cheers become louder.
We gather up, say our prayers, like brothers
Lights are on, we're on a roll.
It's the only feeling more ecstatic than multiple orgasms
when thousands sing along to your song.
in harmony, louder than them speaker towers.

So i float.


Sunday, March 20, 2011


What a pity
You're stuck in an illusion
Oh how pretty
You think they're all the same
Naive and superficial
What a shame
Stay asleep
I guess you're better off blind

Garbage - Stupid Girl

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Whitest Flower

This is totally irrelevant to the situation in the country, but fuck it I've always hated politics, never was interested in it, and am pretty much fed up of the mind games..... so here's something to get me out of the mood.... a new cheesy song I'm working on:

When I wake up every morning I think of you
Wondering what could be the best that I could do
To put a smile on your face

You give me super powers
You are the whitest flower

You know I don't have to be the best man in the world
I could also be so so bad with words
But you know it doesn't matter

Because you give me super powers
You are the whitest flower

Now I know this song is super dooper cheesy
But trust me when I say that it's not so easy
And I bet that now you're smiling

Because I have super powers
And you're the whitest flower

I'll try to always be the bestest at everything
As cliche as it may sound
For you're the queen of this kingdom and I'm the king
And today we get crowned

Now it feels so good today and I'm going around the city
Even though the situation's not so very pretty
Gathering all the white flowers for you

Because you give me super powers
And you're the whitest flower

Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back to the future

And when the light of freedom shines upon a nation
When a sudden rush of adrenaline runs down millions of spines
When the impossible seems possible all of a sudden
Just because young men and women discovered what was long lost
The power of youth, the power of will
The power of wanting and not shutting still
I was proven wrong yes I admit
And I'm glad I was for I was blinded
Just like the rest. Who vowed to rest
While others went out and fought for liberty
And defended the streets when we ran out of safety
Look at us now, so strong and bright
So humorous and yet possess sharp sight
There will be no other moment like this to capture
A moment when a right path is drawn
That drives us back to the future

I hope for better days and will work for them.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Things He Couldn't Say

And she wonders where the complication comes from
She probably asks herself so many questions
Why he doesn't sleep at night
Why he worries like a baby left alone
Why he snaps like a thin wooden rod splitting into two
Why little things turn him into the opposite of the cold person that he is
And yet.... she falls asleep.

He lies in his bed... under the warmth of his covers.
He can't get no sleep.... he thinks... his mind unstoppable.
Like a roller coaster in his head, thoughts going round and round, up and down, twisting and twirling sideways.

He is scared.
of Everything.
He can't get no sleep, early responsibility shaped the man that he is today. Too early though, he can't get no sleep.
He worries... He hates being alone, he can't get no sleep.
He snaps, the accumulation of unwanted memories and visions of a life he once led, of being taken for granted and hitting rock bottom.
He becomes uneasy, he becomes itchy, he needs to sleep, he can't get no sleep.
And yet.... he needs to focus, to get through with another day.

And he hopes that when she wakes up, things would be clearer, better, and that he would get some sleep.

Joel and Clementine - Remember Me

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Educate or not to educate?

All the activism, leftism, patriotism, burning self(ism) and Tunism aside, I would like to tackle an issue from a certain angle, the issue of weather or not a revolution can arise in Egypt.

I say no. Why?

Because as far as I know, It’s the educated middle class sector of the society who are actually able to think of, plan and organize a revolution. But, also as far as I know, around 54% of the egyptian population is below “poverty line” or whatever  they call it. Which means more than half of the population, which means that the middle class is less than half of the population (obviously). Hence, in order to organize a ligit revolution, a huge number of the people under poverty line need to be educated in a way that sets their minds towards that (i.e. some sort of manipulative brain washing); and the only ones who would educate them are the so called activists of the middle class (i.e. organizing committee) of the revolution.
And the possibility of this I highly doubt.

I’m not being a pessimist… again, I’m a realist.

والله ولي التوفيق


Monday, January 10, 2011

She leaves me in awe

Like green crystals shining smiles to the sun
Like madness embraced in a simple kind of peace
Her eyes deliver warmth to my soul like no one
And she leaves me in awe

Reckless as i was, a man of my own
I'm suddenly in a world
Where hope rises with every dawn
And she leaves me in awe

She lifted what's left of my goodness
Put everything back, properly, correctly
And made it seem so damn effortless
And she leaves me in awe

As cliché as it may seem
But no words can describe
Such happiness as if from a dream
How she leaves me in awe

Every time she looks me in the eye
And every time we hold hands
And the one time I saw her cry
Before she left to another land
And every time she speaks
I fall into a deep well of music
Music that's favourite to my ears
Even when she does nothing

Still.... she leaves me in awe

Yiruma - River Flows in You

Friday, January 07, 2011

Dear Land

On a cold winter night

People Died

People suffered

Women Cried

And men too

Foolish and naive

Life thieves

A city wounded

A country wounded

A nation wounded

But i still love you

and always will

Kurt Elling - My Foolish Heart