Tuesday, February 05, 2013


It's no surprise
not even a prize
you wanted things clear?
why the fear?
why the constant hesitation?
move on
to the next station
create things for your own
hello hello
you've been blown
did it feel good?
you should have understood
you're only a tool
to them you're a fool
but you complain
again and again
you try to blame it on others
your many mothers
are you lost?
are you found?
are you secure?
are you sound?
are you glad?
are you sad?
are you in love?
or all of the above?
Go home and sleep
and if you can't
count some sheep
Home doesn't feel right, right?
they're laughing at you now alright
or not, maybe they don't care
or maybe they're just in your head
and you might end up dead
even though dying scares her
it's something she doesn't prefer
change your thoughts
your thoughts are like clots
blocking blood to your brain
you might be insane
and it all comes down to that last cigarrette
forgetting everything, even your stacking debt
enjoy it
embrace it

Fuck it!