Thursday, February 14, 2013

Only You

As I sit here on my desk in the middle of the city
cars honking in the background
people shouting
birds chirping
the sun is almost down
and i can't help but think about you
i recall the day i first met you
I wasn't taken only by your beauty
i was rather captured by the energy you brought into my life
you walked towards me with a smile
one that is so unique
one that is free of complications
free of negativity
free of impurities
Something inside me told me right then, right there
that you were probably what i have been subconsciously looking for
That there's a journey yet to be discovered
with you

Art, is what you are
reason and faith
hope and pride
you are the proper side

I wasn't a fool to deny that back then
I wouldn't have been fair
But now, I'm here
back to square one
only now, i can think straight
i know what i want

I want to go on that journey
and discover the rest of my life with you
and only you


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